Amica Chef is dedicated to the recipes and preparations of our Chefs,  who give us every week many free tips to enhance the ingredients and raw materials of home pantry, with savings, attention to the genuineness and freshness, and to the seasonality of aromatic herbs and vegetables.

Exotic recipes from the world, traditional Italian best recipes, also with a modern and creative Chef touch!

Amica Natura is a sort of cooking school that teaches you how to easily prepare many delicacies, like a true Chef. With the most experienced catering professionals, you can have fun learning the basics of the art of Italian cooking and to create easily, appetizers, delicious first and second courses!

And do not miss the recipes of our special guest, the Chef Francesca Marsetti, so loved and known for being one of the favorite chefs at the Italian Tv Show “La Prova del Cuoco”, one of the most popular Italian cooking show.