The Cold has been our element since 1987. We learned to tame it and between nature and science the Cold became our strength and our best ally. We specialized in the most advanced food freezing techniques  and now, we can say we achieved goals that we never imagined at the beginning. Today, we are opening our doors, enter our world and find out how we make our frozen food products Amica Natura.

The cold,
the oldest natural  preservative

The Cold is the oldest and most effective preservative in nature. Employed since the old times to preserve food and keep its precious nutritional qualities safe. Amica Natura is a brand born using only the most powerful and natural conservation method, consciously.

which is the difference between fresh and frozen?

What is the difference between a fresh and frozen food product? Which is healthier? Do we find the same nutrients? When is the “fresh” food product really such? Start with us an exciting journey to discover the pillars of food science.