Amica Natura is the main brand of the Italian food company Alcass SpA, one of the largest market players in the frozen food sector in Italy.

Our company was founded in 1987, in Bedizzole, Brescia, in the North of Italy, in the heart of the most rural Lombardy, land of ancient and flourishing rural traditions. At the borders of the Po Valley, between lake and hills, the micro-climate is ideal for agriculture and livestock. In this scenario, the Alcass company, takes its first steps more than three decades ago. Understanding the potential of freezing technology in the healthy food sector, the entrepreneurial breakthrough took place shortly after, when the founders decided to embrace the cold and specialize in the new industrial deep-freezing processes.

Amica Natura by Alcass,
a successful made in italy story

The story of Amica Natura and Alcass Company is the story of a family and a dream. A story of intertwining past and future, a mirror of the deep bond with our land of origin and with the most authentic values of the ancient Italian bucolic tradition. It tells about a vision and about trust, sacrifice and of commitment to work and community.

Alcass Spa,
from pioneers to cold masters

In Lombardy, the high concentration of farms and farmers is a distinctive trait. Many years ago, the company Alcass decides to specialize in the most modern technologies and techniques of deep-freezing, in order to preserve the precious raw materials with only one strong natural preservative, the cold.

Amica Natura, commitment to the environment and special projects

The commitment to the Earth is a everyday act of love. It is about taking care of our children. Amica Natura is sustainable nutrition, genuine, healthy, safe, without chemical additives.

Amica Natura and Alcass,
special projects

Amica Natura is the brand spokesperson for the special projects developed by the company Alcass. Starting from the collaborations with the basket world , to the scientific and academic research , to the most exciting initiatives, such as those with the children.

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