From the fields, to organic farms, from breeding to the processing laboratories of our ingredients, we care about the Planet and animal welfare, your health and that one of your family. For this reason, for more than 30 years, we select and transform for you the best raw materials.


From our land to your dining table.


Amica Natura,
raw materials and ingredients

From Nature, we select only the best ingredients, at the highest quality and freshness point. Every day we choose them according to the rhythms of the fields and the seasons, to guarantee you an healthy and tasty diet.

Traceability and production chain
of frozen products

Traceability and transparency, two words on which the entire chain of Amica Natura is based. 30 years of experience and hard work gave rise to relationships of trust and precious know-how.

Frozen Organic food,
production and certifications

Organic, far beyond trends. The Italian organic line of Amica Natura born more than twenty years ago with the aim of offering a meat product of superior quality, completely natural, always available and without preservatives.

 Animal or plant PROTEINS,

Protein are the building blocks of life. Essential in our diet, since the very early childhood. What are the best protein food sources? What is the difference between plants and animals protein?