Amica Natura is all the Italian original flavor on your dining table, sustainable and healthy nutrition. Discover our different frozen product lines of natural high quality frozen products, the Classic, the Premium, the Organic, the vegetarian and vegan ranges and the special ones dedicated to the catering world, rich in taste and ideal for a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

The classic range, top quality frozen food meat collection by amica natura (ALCASS)

Amica Natura Classic is the traditional frozen range appreciated by consumers of all ages. The traditional Italian meatballs  made by Amica Natura, the Premium Chianina burgers, the veal cutlets “Milanese” and many other great Italians classic recipes..

Frozen food suppliers for restaurants, bar and fast food

Italian top quality frozen food products for restaurants, fast food, bar and all the horeca and food service sector, the Amica Natura frozen food collection is healthy and tasty, ready meals solutions or frozen meat, vegetables and soy recipes all natural, quick to prepare. The Amica Natura Italian frozen food range born to meet the short preparation time needs, be convenience, optimize food costs and savings on food waste. For catering professionals, horeca and fast food.

Amica Natura BY Alcass

The Amica Natura organic meat range is a special selection of high quality frozen food products,  made with certified and genuine organic ingredients, without preservatives, for a diet that is full of taste, wellness and health.

vegetarian and vegan frozen food company
Amica Natura di Alcass

Amica Natura Veggie & Vegan frozen food collection is our healthier and more sustainable proposal. Delicious and tasty soy “meatballs”, spinach vegan burgers, vegetables or chickpeas burgers, soy cutlets, vegetables and vegan lasagna and much more. Keywords: Taste and lightness!