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Amica Natura nutrition is only about genuine and healthy ingredients, the best from our land.

Cold is our only method of conservation. We do not use any type of chemical additive or preservative.
For this reason, we bring to your table only fresh, healthy products with an authentic taste.

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Our nutritionist tips

What do you really know about frozen food?

Frozen foods reduce waste of 47%.

The nutritional values and organoleptic properties of food, through immediate processing with cold, remain intact.
In fresh products, however, it is often necessary to use preservatives and chemical additives to prolong durability.

Freezing fresh meat, without industrial process, compromises the quality and nutritional characteristics.

Three tips for a better use of frozen food:

Always use suitable bags to store the frozen products you buy from the store to your home.

It is better to not defrost the products out of the fridge to prevent the bacterial proliferation caused by temperature.

Avoid to freeze fresh food in your home freezer because the time needed to reach the lower temperature changes its quality and composition.

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