Foods that are good for the memory and the brain

Like every Tuesday, come back the appointment with the Amica Natura column  of our nutritionist “Food is Life” .  The Dr. Chiara D’Adda, surgeon, specialist in nutrition and health and team doctor of series A1 Basketball Brescia Leonessa.

We are always closer to Spring and it is time to think about taking better care of our health, so as to live the best season. Today we talk about another topic of fundamental interest for health and well-being, that is foods that are good for the memory and the brain. Let’s find out what they are.

Foods that are good for the memory of the brain

Your beauty care starts from what you eat. And you know that besides the somatic beauty (of the body) the “beauty” of your brain, your mind, your being is very important.

You have to stay young for as long as possible, and keep an excellent memory.
The brain works pretty much like a personal computer. And  can also have a very large memory, but if the internal processor is not performing, it is slow or damaged it is difficult to easily access all the information and use it.

Also keep in mind that the brain up to 30 years has no problems in processing information quickly. After 30 years, alas, there is a gradual slowdown.

But the good news is that the health of our brain starts from what we are eating … In the long run the brain cells shrink and die with a consequent loss of memory. What foods are our friends to delay this process? They are intelligent foods, to be brought to the table as much as possible by combining them with aerobic physical exercises.

Here they are:

Olive oil
Dried fruits
Red fruits
Aromas and spices
Dark chocolate
Coffee and green tea
Seafood fish
Red wine (a little 😉)
Fermented foods
Whole grains
Red meat
Small quantities of butter

It is important to keep your blood sugar under control, because if this goes out of normal values, insulin is unable to do its job and nerve cells lack the right energy with a consequent cognitive decline early, up to the destruction of part of the brain cells and reduction of brain and memory volume. Choose foods with low glycemic index, which keep in insulin quiet and lower cellular inflammation.

Other decisive factors for the well-being and health of memory and brain:

It is also very important to have a restful sleep that helps us manage stress.
Keep the waistline under control
Reduce a lot of sugars and refined flours.
Reduce the salt.
Stop super alcohol.

And what about trying intermittent fasting?