Amica Natura organic frozen food  is the first choice product line by Amica Natura, the Italian top quality frozen food brand. The collection of organic frozen products by Amica Natura respect all the founding values ​​of the frozen food Italian company such as naturalness, respect for the environment and the planet, the rhythms and harmonies of Mother Nature and a conscious food consumption and nutrition.

Amica Natura frozen meals contain no other preservatives  except for the cold. For this reason, organic foods, delicate and easily perishable, perfectly match our work method, conservation and our philosophy. The Amica Natura frozen food  healthy collection and the organic line preserve intact and unaltered over time, all the nutritional qualities and the original taste of the ingredients.

The organic frozen products Amica Natura are made with high-quality  raw materials, of certified organic origin, respected and left to natural, without the use of preservatives or additives and with the only addition of a few selected genuine and healthy ingredients.

The Amica Natura organic frozen food line is available, by choice, only in the best shops specialized in organic food or by contacting us directly. A guarantee of the authenticity of the Amica Natura organic line and of the high quality standard. To guarantee to all consumers an healthy nutrition, safe origin and proven, traceable, controlled throughout the organic farming supply chain, up to your table.

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Organic beef meatballs

Amica Natura organic beef meatballs are made with the original Italian recipe. Fine taste, realized from organic meat, rich in proteins and minerals. Ready in a few minutes and customizable in  thousand tasty recipes.


Organic Beef Hamburger

With a rich taste, the traditional organic beef hamburgers Amica Natura are delightful. Made with the traditional original recipe the organic hamburger are genuine, healthy, full of vitamins and proteins.

Made from fine meat.

BIO chicken nuggets (organic)

Delicious, tender organic chicken meat inside and a light and crispy breading on the outside. The Amica Natura chicken croquettes conquer young and old. And you, what are you waiting to try it?

Organic Chicken Burgers

Organic chicken burgers  are healthy, natural, low-calories and good. Can you ask for more? Our chicken burgers retain all the value of white meat nutrients and an unique Italian extra touch of flavor…

Organic Chicken cutlets

Organic, nutritious, tasty. Amica Natura’s organic chicken schnitzels have a light and crunchy breading and a fine heart  of tender and tasty organic meat. Made with the classic, Italian recipe, with few and natural ingredients.

carne surgelata biologica alcass

Organic meat trays

Part of the Amica organic product line are the organic natural meat trays . The perfect way to always have available a value product, natural, without preservatives, which reduces food waste and increases savings on family spending.

polpette amica natura pollo bio

The Amica Natura BIO chicken meatballs are delicious in all sauces! Try it in a fragrant tomato sauce for pasta and succulent first courses or as an appetizer, finger food and in many other preparations.

A delicious and healthy course that will make the whole family happy at the table!

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