Beetroot bread for hamburgers Amica Natura, the recipe

After discovering how to prepare turmeric bread for hamburgers, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day we see together how to make at home another trendy format all over the world:  the home-made beetroot bread burger bun for burgers Amica Natura.

Ready to amaze Guests or the lover with a surprise effect preparation and incredible taste?


a pack of chicken burger or slices of chicken breasts Amica Natura

ketchup or mayo sauce

salt and black pepper

lettuce salad

2 salad tomatoes

some basil leaves

For beetroot bread

550 g of white flour 0
60 ml milk
300 g beetroots
2 spoons oil e.v.o.
salt q.b.
half a cube of brewer’s yeast


Boil the beets and then pass them in the mixer. Make the classic flour fountain with the hole, on a pastry board, add slowly and always kneading the milk, salt, baking powder, oil and beets. Mix everything well until you get a smooth and compact dough.

Keep it in a warm oven for a minimum of two hours. Prepare the burger balls on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Cook in the oven at 180 for about 25 minutes. Prepare the burger or chicken according to directions on the package. Leave to cool and cut the bread in half.

Wash the vegetables and the basil and start assembling the beetroot pink burgers and serve at the table.

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