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The Amica Natura vegetarian and vegan food frozen product line born almost twenty years ago, to offer a tasty  vegetable food alternative to the classic recipes based on proteins of animal origin. Amica Natura Veggie & Vegan is the result of a hard work of research and development that also won awards and recognitions at an international level. The vegetarian and vegan Amica Natura range, in fact, consists of very successful references because of the mix of flavor, nutritional quality and few ingredients, natural and healthy.

The vegan frozen food line presents food products rich in nutritional substances, for a healthy and sustainable diet, well-being and taste. Among the Amica Natura vegan frozen products , the veg burger based on spinach, lasagna with meat sauce and soya béchamel, chickpea burger and cutlets filled with delicious vegetables from the garden.

Amica Natura’s vegetarian line, on the other hand, is the perfect alternative for those who do not follow a specific diet, but choose their diet based on the principles of health and sustainability. The natural recipes, based on vegetable proteins, are a panacea for a varied, light and vitaminic diet. Among the vegetarian frozen foods Amica Natura we find the tasty soy meatballs rich in fiber and vitamins and the soy-based cutlets.


Spinach Burger

Vegan spinach burger, made with the best variety of vegetables. A delicious, delicate and authentic flavor, preserved in freshness thanks to the cold, for a healthy and natural recipe ready in minutes, to be seasoned as you please with imagination and creativity. Fill up with taste and vitamins!

Black cabbage and quinoa burger

A vitamin explosion!
The Black Cabbage and Quinoa Burger is a super vegetable burger based on the famous Tuscan cabbage, super food rich in minerals and vitamins, combined with the precious nutritional values of quinoa and other 10 varieties of Italian greens.

VEG cutlets with garden greens

A super tasty cutlet, with light and crispy breading, soft and colorful heart based on fresh vegetables. Completely natural, without chemical preservatives, vegan cutlets Amica Natura with vegetables are delicious and appetizing!

Lasagne with meat-free ragu sauce and soya béchamel

The Amica Natura vegan lasagne is the right product if you are short of time and you desire good an healthy and  succulent dish. The lasagna with meat-free ragu sauce and soya béchamel, with fresh pasta without eggs are the first typical dish of the Italian tradition, in a creative, tasty and vegan version.


Soy frozen meatballs

The soy meatballs Amica Natura appetizers, tender, light, rich in vitamins and proteins of vegetable origin, rich source of fiber. Highly digestible, soy meatballs can be the winning ingredient of many recipes for the whole family, pleasant appetizers with sauces, pasta with spaghetti and pasta , baked pasta, gourmet sandwiches and classic main courses.

Soy burger

A super-tasty veggie burger made with soy, an excellent meat-alternative. The proteins of vegetable origin of the famous legume are one of the secrets to include in the daily menu, for an healthy, nutritious and eco-friendly diet.

An injection of taste, health and wellness!

Soy meatballs with vegetables

Soy frozen vegan meatballs made with a delicious side of grilled vegetables. An inviting, second course of quick preparation, in the oven or in the pan.

Soy cutlets

Crispy outside, tender inside. The soy cutlets will amaze you with their incredible taste.

Very good, tasty and very healthy!

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