Vegan cutlet with fresh vegetables Amica Natura 320 g (4X80g)

Low in saturated fats, not pre-fried, made with 5 different fresh vegetables, crispy even in the oven

Amica Natura Vegan cutlets from the Amica Natura Veg product line are a delicious and healthy proposal for a nutritious second course suitable for a vegan diet or for all those who want to introduce in their daily diet a food based on vegetable protein, healthy, good and high quality.

Made with fresh vegetables of selected Italian origin, without the addition of any chemical preservatives or additives, the vegan cutlets are kept for a long time in their maximum freshness and authentic flavor thanks to the only preservative we use, the cold.

The light breadcrumbs, based on few ingredients, makes this preparation even tastier and crisp, easy and even baked (10 minutes directly from the freezer). The fresh vegetables used for the stuffed are first choice for a top quality Italian food product in line with the Amica Natura values ​​of sustainable nutrition and wellbeing. The practical case, easily recognizable thanks to a modern and appealing design, is easily recyclable and eco-friendly.

Valori nutrizionaliPer 100 gPer porzione: 80 g (1 cotoletta)
Energia / Energy599 kJ 141 kcal479 kJ 113 kcal
Grassi / Fat
Di cui acidi grassi saturi
1,4 g
1,5 g
1,1 g
1,2 g
Carboidrati / Carbohydrate
Di cui zuccheri
28 g
1,5 g
22 g
1,2 g
Fibre alimentari / Fibre2,5 g2,0 g
Proteine / Protein4,2 g3,4 g
Sale / Salt1,0 g0, 8 g

The importance of fresh vegetables in everyday life for adults and children

Vegetables are one of the most rich in vitamins and minerals in nature. Pillar of the Mediterranean diet, introducing seasonal vegetables to the table for the whole family is an injection of wellness, color and taste. Red and orange in the pot, a feast of vitamin C and A. Colorful and cheerful, the vegetables with the brightest tones like red and orange are the richest in vitamin C and antioxidants, converted by our body into vitamin A, precious to activate iron metabolism, skin health and the whole immune system . White vegetables, rich in potassium Not only essential for giving an extra taste of marrow, onion, garlic and celery are particularly rich in potassium and fiber. Blue and purple vegetables Tasty aubergines, which in addition to being one of the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, provide anti-aging and antioxidant, useful as prevention in many degenerative diseases. Green vegetables Zucchini, asparagus, basil, chard, broccoli, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and many others, are a generous source of magnesium, folic acid, chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamin C and lutein.