Proteins, the heart of the growth

A correct, healthy and balanced diet is the basis for the optimal psycho-physical wellbeing and for the present and future health.

Proteins are organic compounds based on carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, essential for the growth and the entire health of the body. They are composed by sequences of amino acids and have a fundamental function for the development and maintenance of the human organism.

Where can we find proteins in nature?

Forgetting for a moment all the ethical and philosophical considerations on the consumption of meat, proteins of animal origin are important for human health and nutrition. Why?


The proteins of animal origin, also called “noble” proteins, are very similar to human ones, easily assimilated by our organism to satisfy the main metabolic processes. Animal proteins also boast a high content of bioavailable iron, minerals and vitamins necessary for physical and mental wellbeing.

White meat, the refined

Bio Organic Chicken – White meat, in spite of what is commonly thought, is rich in noble proteins, branched amino acids, precious minerals for health such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins. main source of vitamin B12. Protein and minerals are essential for the elimination of toxins, the reconstruction of tissues and a balanced metabolic process.

Proteins are essential especially in the delicate phases of life, such as pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence and old age, important for growth and for the correct development of the whole organism. The white meat of chicken has the merit of being lean, low in calories and has excellent nutritional values. The delicate white meat is recommended for light and low-calorie diets, for sportsmen, for pregnant women, for anemic people, children and the elderly.

Red meat, the Intense

 Amica Natura Beef- Red meat contains almost the same amount of white meat protein, with a few more calories. This type of meat is a generous source of “heme” or high absorption rate from the body. It is always advisable to choose the leaner cuts of red meat, in order to reduce the risks associated with the cardiovascular system.

Soy, the delicate

Burger, Italian ragù meat and soy meatballs, soy cutlet Amica Natura Veg – The proteins of soy are obtained from the seeds of the legume homonym and have a excellent protein content . An advantage of soy protein is to contain few saturated fats. Soy and its derivatives are a tasty and nutrient-rich alternative to be included in the weekly diet.

Chickpeas, taste and energy

Chickpeas Burger, Amica Natura Veggie- Chickpeas are a legume with ancient history and many beneficial properties , as well as having a delicious flavor and a consistency that lends itself to many tasty recipes , like hamburgers or meatballs, hummus and many other preparations. Rich in proteins, vitamins, fibers and minerals such as iron and potassium, chickpeas are energetic and thanks to the good presence of magnesium and folate contribute to the lowering of “bad” cholesterol.


Veg & Veggie Burgers frozen by Amica Natura, cutlets and vegetable meatballs

Color, taste, health and good mood. Vegetables are a precious ingredient, to be used with imagination and to be enjoyed every day. Vegetables such as spinach, carrots, black cabbage and many other fresh vegetables used for our vegetarian and vegan preparations are naturally rich in folic acid (vitamin B9), minerals and have a powerful antioxidant and vitamin action.


Spinaches are low-calories, a carbohydrates and proteins source, with a high fiber content. Spinach are rich in vitamins that improve eye health and help to regulate blood pressure levels, are heart-friendly and help purify the body.


As we know, carrots, besides being an antidote to tiredness, are friends of the skin and sight and are rich in beneficial properties for health. The bright color of carrots and sweet taste, makes them perfect for delicious, fresh, genuine recipes.

The black cabbage 

The cabbage boast strong and tasty flavor is a vegetable rich in antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammatory processes and – as widely demonstrated – are a valuable ally in anti-cancer prevention. Vegetables such as black cabbage are among the richest in proteins of vegetable origin.

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