Cold is the only preservative we use

One of the most powerful natural element, the Cold, disciplined thanks to technology, to preserve for long time, at the maximum point of freshness and original flavor, the most valuable natural raw materials.

Food preservation, fighting against time

Food storage is one of the most important processes of the agri-food market. The main objective is to be able to maintain the nutritional and edible value (the possibility of being eaten safely by man) of the food products.

If the food is not immediately preserved in the right way, in fact, in a few hours it will be incommensible, due to the rapid natural increase of bacterias and microbes.

The most important effort in the preservation processing of the agri-food products is to slow down the nutritional deterioration and prevent the potential risk for the human health.

CARPE DIEM of freshness

The cold chain maintains the nutritive richness and original taste of food for many months, with no use of chemical or artificial elements to preserve the appearance, the nutritional principles and  food products safety for a long time.

The most innovative freezing techniques allow to capture the moment of maximum nutritional richness and organoleptic freshness of almost any ingredient. 


There is no difference between a frozen and a fresh product, except for the processing method, preparation or cooking and way to be preserved during the time and throughout the cold chain.

fresh food product, whether meat, fish or vegetables, is highly perishable, easily attacked by bacterias. To be safe a fresh product need  a more or less invasive preservation method. There are different conservation techniques, depending on the raw material and its destination or transformation. Artificial preservatives, chemical or natural, sterilization at high temperatures, pasteurization, preserves in oil or in vinegar. We have chosen to use only the Cold for all our food products.



Frozen food maintain their organoleptic properties longer over time than fresh ones. The first body to certify this fact was the British Institute of Food. The structure, flavor and aroma remain the same and the food is among the safest in the agri-food sector.

The Amica Natura frozen food products start from a very high quality point  and do not undergo transformations and processes that are harmful to the organoleptic richness, for example they are not pre-fried and can be baked in the oven without adding oil.

The Amica Natura frozen foods are sustainable, thanks to the single portions made with calibrated weights, allowing to reduce food waste.


frozen food product lines
frozen food collection made in Italy

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