The company Alcass SpA, for years, collaborates with the most renowned companies in the food industry sector, through major productions of frozen food on demand, with the aim of meeting the production needs of the most important market players.

What we do

The company Alcass SpA, from the beginning, in the early nineties, took part in important projects and the new solutions development for third parties for product lines of the most famous Italian and international food brands. Our company enjoys a history of trust, long-standing relationships and trade partnerships.

Food production for third parties

We have been providing our expertise, professionalism and technology for more than three decades to create a tailor-made food product for third parties.

Frozen food Italian company manufacturer

Over the years we studied and developed different food proposals for the industry sector. For example, our frozen ground meat IQF is an excellent starting point for all those products based on sauces, for industrial gastronomy  and for producers of fresh pasta, filled pasta, ready-to-eat pasta dishes both fresh and frozen, such as lasagne, cannelloni, stuffed ravioli, Bolognese and many other preparations . The same version of ground IQF but based on soy, can be declined and transformed into different recipes and meal-solutions, vegetarian and vegan. We carefully prepare each of our recipes, as if it were homemade, guaranteeing quality and flavor.

our skills

  • Consolidated skills in new products and recipes for the food industry and the agri-food market research and development.
  • Food safety certified by a company with 30 years of history and all the best industry certifications, including IFS, BioAgricert organic certification and Kosher Circle-K certification
  • Processing and conservation processes that permit to maintain high quality nutritional and organoleptic standards
  • Advanced machinery and technologies for freezing and maintaining the products at the maximum quality point during all the phases of the cold chain
  • Tests, analysis and internal controls in our QA and R&D laboratories
  • Processing and documentation management
  • Creation and packaging customization
  • Realization of samples and tastings
  • Management of logistics and of the cold distribution chain

for THIRD PARTY products

In our factories we work raw materials based on different cuts and types of meat and transform different kinds of vegetables and proteins of vegetable origin such as soy and legumes for vegetarian and vegan food product lines. We deal with the management of the laboratory, the selection of raw materials, the preparation of food certifications, the quality control of the product and the whole process of trasformation of the raw materials up to logistics management and supply chain management. We verify the compliance of quality standards and the rules of current legislation.

frozen food product lines
frozen food collection made in Italy

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