carne macinata fornitura horeca

Grounded meat frozen food (IQF)

The frozen all natural, without preservatives, ground meat Amica Natura by Alcass is high quality product created to offer a high level of food supply service for classic catering, hotel, motorway and collective food service, horeca sector. Our ground is in fact treated as little as possible, high quality, is cut in temperature and frozen when still fresh, so as to maintain flavor and nutritional quality. The IQF frozen minced beef  is easily extractable and allows to dose the quantity well, containing the food cost and food waste. To be cooked directly frozen, in a few minutes it releases all the aroma and the scent of the best food products made in Italy. An excellent proposal to always have available the basis for delicious first and second courses, such as lasagna, classic or more elaborate pasta with meat sauce, meatballs and many other tasty recipes to satisfy the palate of all customers.

Descrizione articoloGrounded beef IQF
Codice prodottoC1020
Confezionamentofood service bag 1 kg
Cartone (pezzi)x5
Pesopack 5 kg