The Amica Natura frozen food products come from the best ingredients and highly selected raw materials.

In order to guarantee high quality food product lines, Amica Natura’s purchasing managers commit themselves every day to an exciting mission, the research  and selection for the best ingredients.

What are the best ingredients for us?

The best ingredients for Amica Natura frozen food collection are traceable along the entire food supply chain, of proven origin and in harmony with the brand core values like eco-sustainability, genuineness, goodness.

The starting point

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Everything starts from here, from an accurated choice of the raw materials for our recipes. A careful and meticulous selection of the best ingredients to create the Italian  frozen food range by Amica Natura, which are mostly based on meat or vegetable proteins. More than 30 years of knowledge of the Italian market and supply chain and the solid collaboration with historical breeders and trusted suppliers throughout the country allow us to offer only the best to our customers.

Fine quality organic food.

The organic Amica Natura meat comes only from organic local farms recognized with the highest certification of the organic sector at European level. A certified organic farm respects all the rules and rhythms of nature and animal welfare. The animals are fed only with organic feed and kept free.

The journey

Throughout the journey, from the parent company to the Amica Natura home, a food product as valuable and delicate as the meat of organic origin, is handled and transported with the utmost caution and security. When the raw materials arrive at our warehouses and laboratories, it is meticulously controlled, and then the processing and freezing process begins, which will preserve it at the highest quality and freshness point, in a natural way. Our line of organic frozen foods is only available in the most renowned stores specialized in high-end organic food.

Amica Natura,


Amica Natura is sustainable and healthy nutrition. To follow our founding values we promote within our offer, the double food pyramid rule (healthy and eco-sustainable diet).

Our vegetarian and vegan lines are not just for those who follow a specific diet, but for all those who care about environmental sustainability and want to follow a balanced and varied diet.

Vegetable and soy proteins

Few and high quality ingredients, this is the secret of the nutritious and tasty recipes of the vegetarian and vegan range signed by Amica Natura. To create a vegan and vegetarian top quality frozen food product, appetizing, tasty and complete with all the nutrients necessary for human wellbeing and health, we use only vegetables and proteins of the highest quality.

The vegetables and the soy  that we employ inside the Amica Natura factories, do not undergo artificial ripening and are carefully controlled through rigorous supplier selection policies choice.


Our raw materials are deep frozen to heart with the most innovative, powerful and advanced freezing technologies. As we all know, the low temperature naturally preserves for a long time all the precious nutrients, the bright colors and the authentic taste of the ingredients of plant origin.


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