Is it possible to prepare a tasty and cheerful vegan dish, to be enjoyed for the early summer dinners?
Of course!

Alessandra, in her blog la Cucina di Ale, offers us a recipe by using frozen pulses burgers as the main ingredient.
You can find them in the freezer counter of the best supermarkets, along with other frozen vegan products by Amica Natura.
Exclusive recipes, designed for those who follow a dietary regime which completely excludes any products of animal origin.


2 pulses burgers
1 roman ribbed courgettes
6 Paris mushrooms
1 red onions of Tropea
2 burger buns
150ml soy milk
250ml sunflower oil
q.s. capers
q.s. gherkins
a lemon half


First step the vegetables: cut the courgette into thin slices and sear them quickly on the grill plate, do the same with the mushrooms and the onion cut into rings.

Let’s focus on the sauce: pour the natural soy milk you kept in the fridge for a few hours into a pitcher, add a half lemon juice and salt
Emulsify with an immersion mixer and add the oil in thin streams, meanwhile making the mayonnaise mount
As soon as it has reached the right consistency add the capers and gherkins, as well as herbs at choice (I use some tarragon and chives).

Cook Amica Natura burgers in a pan or in the oven.

Let’s assemble our burger!
It is recommended to use a type of whole wheat bread with sesame seeds.
Spread with a little sauce at the base, add the salad mix on which you are going to lay the burger.
Continue with the vegetables and a nice amount of Tartar mayonnaise.
Eventually all you have to do is bite 🙂

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