top quality italian frozen food for restaurants, horeca and food service

Amica Natura Food Service offers a complete frozen products range for high quality catering and restaurants menus with meat references, vegetables, vegans and organic meat. The frozen food service Amica Natura is the ideal solution for restaurants, bars, pubs, bistrot seaside and fast food restaurants as well as for the large kitchens of hotel restaurants  and tourist villages, water parks and amusement parks, street food and collective canteens.

Excellent quality standards of food and raw material, practicality and speed of preparation, possibility of customizing the recipe, optimization of food cost and saving on food waste make the Amica Natura frozen product line a beneficial proposition for chefs and restaurateurs.

The Amica Natura frozen products  are increasingly in vogue in the kitchens of the horeca sector.  The high quality frozen food Amica Natura are safe, practical and quick to prepare, have an excellent quality-price ratio, allow to rationalize the food cost in the kitchen and to avoid any kind of food and product waste. The frozen product Amica Natura is a product with a high service content  because it offers the possibility to realize and personalize in a short time excellent aperitifs, appetizers, first and second courses and to prepare them comfortably for a large number of guests.

The Amica Natura frozen food service line has been designed to meet the needs of all wholesale distributors of high quality products for restaurants, fast food chains, bars and pubs, kiosks and food trucks. Amica Natura Food Service is the top offer for food supplies for hotels, catering, special events, corporate events or sports and banqueting.


Our frozen products lines, ready to use, already cooked and grilled, to be reactivated in microwave, oven, pan or grill, in a few minutes and packed in handy bags, are the quick and tasty recipe, to  customize in many delicious versions for a good, modern and sustainable menu both in terms of timing than  in the food cost management.


Amica Natura Food Service provides quality food for large catering and horeca sector such as natural frozen meat, frozen organic meat for tasty and genuine second courses, ground meat or soy, perfect for many tasty recipes and already processed products such as chicken cutlets, nuggets , meatballs and lasagna.

frozen product plus in the catering and food service sector

The frozen food supply in restaurants has more than one advantage. The product offered is healthy and genuine, safe, traceable, preserves all the nutritional properties of the maximum point of freshness and the authentic taste of the ingredient, is not easily perishable and is available every day of the year.

All this allows the restaurant owner to optimize the food cost and easily manage the resources and food dispenses without waste. Frozen foods boast faster preparation times and are therefore suitable for fast-food kitchens and large-scale catering kitchens.

Frozen food Amica Natura is a first choice.

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