vitello al natura surgelato amica natura

Veal Frozen Steaks- all natural

Rich in flavor, natural and genuine

Amica Natura veal steaks, natural frozen meat trays of superior quality, are part of the collection of frozen meat all natural guaranteed by the Italian manufacturer Alcass. The natural frozen meat is high quality. The cold keeps every nutrients at the maximum freshness and  point, preserving the authentic and original flavor with the only preservative that we use from Amica Natura, the cold. The Amica Natura frozen meat trays collection is always available in the pantry, ideal to be grilled, avoiding food waste.

The collection of vacuum-packed frozen meal products, are all natural,  without any addition of preservatives or additives, thanks to the freezing technology.

The beef meat, tasty and rich in proteins, deep-frozen under vacuum, remains safe and it is always available. Easily customizable in many tasty recipes.