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Soy meatballs Amica Natura Catering C9011

Low in unhealthy fats, high in vegetable proteins content, not pre-fried, source of fiber.

The Amica Natura Veggie food service soy meatballs are the delicious, tasty and light version of the classic and traditional Amica Natura meatballs, ready to be served in a few minutes. The dough, simple and genuine, based exclusively on soy of the highest quality, derived from non-GMO plants, makes the meatballs soft and tasty, easy to prepare and enjoy at any time of the day. Soy meatballs for catering are perfect for aperitifs, finger food and to make tasty first or second meat-free dishes.

An Italian food product, made from selected ingredients and certified supply chain, kept in all its freshness only thanks to the technology of deep-freezing, without adding additives or chemical preservatives. The product remains unaltered in flavor and quality for a long time, ready to be cooked in a few minutes and easily customizable. Practical and handy both inside large kitchens and in catering corners. Always fresh and available, the frozen products Amica Natura Food Service allow the restaurant owner to reduce food costs and food waste, while maintaining high quality and high service standards.


Descrizione articoloSoy meatballs 20g
ConfezionamentoBag 300 g
Cartone (pezzi)x20
Peso6 kg