Beef Burger Food Service 1X100 g/S8011

Beef burger, first choice meat, frozen natural, presented in packs for food service. First quality Italian product with a high nutritional and protein value. Made with very few ingredients and only meat from selected farms.

The Amica Natura beef burger is ready in 7 minutes, in the pan or on the grill. Not perishable in few days, processed without the addition of any chemical preservative but preserved at the maximum point of freshness only thanks to our most powerful natural preservative, the cold. The hamburgers are one of the most popular Amica Natura recipes by consumers; served as a main course with a light vegetable side, in delicious sandwiches or in classic and beloved traditional American burgers, homemade with genuine and healthy ingredients. Tender, light and low in fat. Meat among the most precious and widespread, rich in proteins and vitamins. Strong taste and endless possibilities of preparation make beef certainly favored by consumers.

Convenient packaging solutions designed to increase the level of service in the HO.RE.CA/catering channel. The product is frozen  in iqf and therefore easily portionable but at the same time the bag guarantees greater hygienic protection and shelf life. The packs can be sold individually with the EAN code printed on them.

Descrizione articoloHamburger 100 g
Codice prodottoS8011
ConfezionamentoBag kg 1
Cartone (pezzi)6
PesoCardboard 6 kg