Amica Natura macinato biologico surgelato

Organic Ground Beef Amica Natura for food service

Amica Natura Organic ground beef, frozen natural meat tray

Like all vacuum-packed frozen meat trays of our brand, the Amica Natura organic ground meat guarantees the highest quality and freshness of the product, treated and preserved in its most authentic flavor and in the precious nutritional substances only and exclusively from the cold.

Minced meat Amica Natura, Italian Premium Quality, organic, without preservatives

The beef meat chosen for frozen food products Amica Natura is premium, selected from the best breeders in the organic sector. The red meat, among the most precious and valued, rich in noble proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, is also easily perishable. Thanks to our deep-freezing techniques, we keep the food in all its goodness and quality until it reaches the consumer’s table, without adding preservatives or additives and reducing food waste.

Ground Organic Beef always available in the freezer and easily customizable

The fine taste and endless possibilities of preparation make the organic ground meat Amica Natura one of the favorite products to have in the freezer counter. In a few minutes you can prepare the most delicious recipes for the whole family!

The fixed weight packs has been designed and tailor-made for frozen meat Amica Natura. This type of vacuum packaging allows you to view the food product in its entirety. The packaging solution chosen for the frozen meat trays of natural Amica Natura guarantees long-term organoleptic and aesthetic maintenance.

Codice prodottoC1007B
ConfezionamentoBag X 1 kg
Cartone (pezzi)5
Peso5 kg