hamburger surgelati cotti horeca

Frozen grilled hamburgers, fully cooked

Amica Natura fully cooked hamburgers are cooked and microwavable in minutes.  Our frozen grilled hamburgers does not contain artificial preservatives.

The Alcass food Company (Amica Natura food brand), frozen food manufacturer and supplier, produces a range of cooked and grilled burgers  in different shapes, sizes and weights.  Amica Natura Italian cooked burgers are great served in a fresh bun, as main course and in many delicious pub, bar, restaurant, bistrot o food truck recipes.

In practical food service bags, kept individually thanks to the IQF freezing method, easy to use, portioning and preserve, the traditional Amica Natura grilled hamburgers are tender, light, with low fat content. Already grilled and easy to reactivate, ready to be served, the particular smoking enhances the taste and the scent of the product while maintaining the typical aromatic note and all the nutritionals.

The grilled hamburgers for food service markets are a fast and practical solution to avoid food waste and reduce food cost,  you can in fact reactivate it in a few minutes in the oven, microwave, pan or on the grill. Made from selected quality beef, with the guarantee and food safety of the Italian brand Amica Natura, the Food Service grilled burgers are among the favorites of Italian restaurateurs, thanks to the high possibility of personalization in the menu.

The Amica Natura frozen foods does not contain dyes or preservatives.