Gnocchi recipe with potatoes, black cabbage ragou
gnocchi di patate con ragù di cavolo nero

Elisabetta Pendoli  from the food blog “I feel Betta” created for Amica Natura (the Italian best frozen food brand) a tuscan recipe for a delicious Italian way  first course!

Gnocchi recipe with potatoes and black cabbage ragout

This is a recipe of the Tuscan cooking tradition, with a light and delicious ragout of black cabbage, a vegetable (a superfood) very used in this region, healthy and rich in vitamins. Elisabetta skilfully used for this recipe the natural frozen ground meat Amica Natura, a product not only very comfortable (always available in the freezer, without preservatives, based on meat of excellent quality, frozen to maximum freshness) but also really good and which does not easily degenerate thanks to its cold storage technique (and therefore does not lose nutrients)


The comfort food pampering, the delicious Tuscan recipe of potato gnocchi




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