The Amica Natura brand offers a wide selection of high-end Italian frozen products. The wide choice of food products, based on meat, vegetables and organic meat responds to the main needs of today’s consumer, including a high quality and nutritional standard, speed and convenience of preparation and label transparency  for a balanced and sustainable diet.

Amica Natura is synonymous with high quality frozen foods. Our brand is known, appreciated and well positioned within the main supermarket chains of the large-scale retail trade, in supermarkets and stores, convenience stores and food chains.

Products plus

Our frozen food are made from a first choice raw material, traceable throughout the supply chain and are distinguished by reliability and excellent quality-price ratio. The Amica Natura frozen food, 100% Italian brand, appeals to the whole family because they born from simple recipes as tradition, with soft and crisp breading to be baked, without chemical preservatives or added additives and without going through industrial processes like pre-fry. Genuineness of the ingredients, speed of use and recipes of the Italian tradition are among the advantages of our frozen food product.

The Amica Natura frozen food products lines are many, the Classic, Premium, Vegetarian and Vegan and the range of organic meat. For this reason our brand’s target customers have a large catchment area.

Main drivers of frozen food products by Amica Natura

The ingredients and raw materials selected for the Amica Natura recipes start from a high quality level. Beef, chicken and pork coming only from a controlled production chain and in the case of the organic line from certified organic supply chain. The ultra-rapid freezing technique and IQF technology allows to preserve all the nutritional values and the maximum qualitative freshness of the ingredient for many months.

The frozen Amica Natura products are safe and preservatives or additives free.

Logistics and supply chain management

Our company has 30 years of experience in cold chain logistics and supply chain management. Here at the headquarters of Amica Natura, since 1987, we are skilled in solving problems and working under pressure.

Research and  development, QA OFFICE

In addition to work every day to ensure the high quality standards for which our brand is known and recognized, we are always looking for new products that respond effectively to consumer needs and market trends.

Our Quality Assurance Office plays a key role in the control of the Amica Natura product with the aid of advanced tests, timely analysis and effective and transparent reporting management.

Marketing & Communications

Tradition, simplicity, genuineness and respect for nature, this are some of our core values.

Amica Natura embodies the founding values of our company, such as respect for the environment, local typicality and family, a healthy lifestyle and well-being, the genuineness of the Mediterranean diet and Italian cuisine.

On this line of principles we create and develope our marketing & communications strategy, with the aim of increasing the acquisition of brand recognition and Amica Natura brand awareness.

Marketing & Communications

Our frozen products are packaged in  a friendly graphic style, which differs from the best known brands in the sector. Starting from the well-recognizable logo, up to the attractive design and the bright shades of the case, the Amica Natura range stands out.

ONLY FOR THE specialized

The Amica Natura organic meat product line is a special collection of frozen food, created for a conscious and very demanding consumer. Amica Natura BIO  is fine meat, natural, without preservatives, made with the best raw material coming only from the certified organic supply chain. For this reason, our  frozen organic meat product line is currently on sale only on the shelves of the best shops of the chains specialized in Italy.


The direct line with the Amica Natura consumer.

A careful pre and post-sales service is certainly one of our strengths. We are always available for the consumer to clarify doubts about ingredients, preparations, non-compliant products and we have established a strong bond with our customers based on reliability, transparency, clarity and direct contact.

frozen food product lines
frozen food collection made in Italy

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