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What's the difference between
    Deep-frozen and Frozen?

Our plants are powered
 by sun energy. Find how here!!

The best of the nature only from Amica Natura
We always perceive our main pronciples, we take the best ingredients in nature, we select and deep-freeze them in very short time.

This is the most natural way to preserve and maintain nutritional properties of food. Our products, all products, have the origin from the genuine food and on the correct nutritional balance. It is our mission give to our clients all the pleasure of eating well and in a light way.Let's find our products!

Al via l'iniziativa "Operazione David Moss 2.0 - La maglia blu"!
Amica Natura ti regala la canotta ufficiale del capitano del Basket Brescia Leonessa
Amica Natura di Alcass si rinnova: ecco il nuovo marchio
Renato Bonaglia: “Prima tappa di un percorso di restyling della nostra brand identity”
1987-2017: Amica Natura di Alcass festeggia i trent’anni di attività
Renato Bonaglia: “Dal packaging ai prodotti: ecco il nostro rinnovamento”



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